Famous "fauxgos" from Hollywood

There are many logos that crop up in movies that seem so real that they make us wonder if the companies behind them exist. They are in fact “fauxgos” or fake logos used by the film producers to make their fictional corporations appear more credible.

Resident Evil- Umbrella corporation

In the Resident Evil films and video game series, the Umbrella Corporation is an international pharmaceutical company that developed a virus known as the “T-Virus”. This virus was able to change the makeup of both living and recently deceased organisms turning them into the walking dead. In the first film of the trilogy, the virus was leaked and contaminated the nearby Racoon city leading to its destruction. The Umbrella Corporation logo leaves us with a lasting impression of the sinister intentions of the company with the blood red and the deathly pale grey that we would normally associate with the dead. The umbrella design of the logo is quite ironic since instead of acting as a shield the company itself produces the threat. It is the innate irony and simplistic design of this logo are that make it memorable.

 Aliens- Weyland-Yutani Corp

Weyland-Yutani Corporation, Alien franchise, 20th Century Fox.

In the Aliens film, Weyland-Yutani is a technology supplier. It has become a household name and manufactures spacecraft, synthetics and  computers for both industrial companies and private individuals.

Driven by profit and void of any morals or common human decency, the company reflects their almost computer-like efficiency through a stylized, straightforward and simplistic logo of a Y intersecting a W on a black background. Their alliterative slogan “Building Better Worlds” is inspiring in itself but is ironic considering the lack of respect that they have towards safeguarding those who are employed by them.

 Wayne Enterprises- Batman

Wayne Enterprises logo, DC Comics/ Warner Brothers Pictures.

Wayne Enterprises, owned by the American philanderer and billionaire Bruce Wayne a.k.a The Batman is first and foremost a military defense contractor. Although it does also branch into other business sectors it is fundamentally a “green company”. The W of the Wayne Enterprises logo not unlike the Batman’s logo (which looks remarkably like a W) represents the  beacon of hope that the company provides against the crime and corruption of the modern world. Furthermore the logo’s sleek simplicity epitomises the Wayne family’s legacy.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park corporate logo, Universal Studios, 1993.

The fictional Jurassic Park is a tourist attraction full of cloned dinosaurs. Sounds fun right? Wrong! When a corrupt employee deactivates the park’s security system to steal some dinosaur embryos, the dinosaurs escape and begin wreaking havoc on the island. The terrifying Jurassic Park logo, created to entice people to visit the park in fact doubles as a warning to the public about what could happen to them if they do visit. If the terrifying picture of the skeletal dinosaur doesn’t give it away, the colour choices of red and black hint at the death and bloodshed to come. In any case this logo perfectly advertises what the Jurassic Park experience is all about.

The fact that we can recognise these fauxgos even outside of their original context and affiliate them with the fictional companies highlights how a strong logo can significantly improve your company’s public profile.


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