The importance of trademarks for celebrities in the digital age

It is becoming more and more normal in this digital age for celebrities to trademark their own names as well as other words and phrases in order to profit from them. For singers in particular, it is much harder to make money from music sales alone due to the rise of illegal streaming and therefore they have to find other ways to extract value from their brand.

Kylie Minogue vs Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner was recently thwarted in her attempt to register her own name for advertising and entertainment services by the Australian superstar. Minogue stated that if the reality tv star’s trademark was allowed that it would "cause confusion for (her) fans and dilute her brand". 

She opposed Jenner’s trademark application for advertising services through her family owned company KDB Pty Ltd. and according to The Mirror she has been using her domain name since before Jenner was even born. KDB, described their opposition as a “secondary reality television personality”.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift is another celebrity who has jumped onto the trademarking bandwagon. She has trademarked lyrics from her 1989 album such as "Nice to meet you, where you been?“ and  "Party like it's 1989”. Celebrities now make a large percentage of their profits from merchandise sales. For example, according to Forbes magazine Katy Perry “averaged a staggering $20 per head per night in merchandise sales” on her 2015 tour.

Beyoncé vs.“Feyoncé”
Beyoncé recently sued the online clothing retailer “Feyoncé” for infringing on her trademark. The clothing brand has been using the word “Feyoncé” and lyrics from the singer’s songs on their goods. The retailer applied for two trademarks for their company but has yet to respond to the cease-and-desist letter sent by Queen Bey. 

Trademarks are as important for commercial businesses as they are for celebrities. Brands are one of the most valuable asset classes in the world and Trademarks are  key to protecting all aspects of the IP and goodwill built up in the brand. They are also increasingly important in the digital world as well as being used to protect brand names and logo designs on the high street . Furthermore, they allow you to enforce your trademark rights over other companies that may infringe upon your mark.

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