Top 3 things to do once you have registered your trademark

So you have just successfully registered your trademark of choice and are ready to launch your new brand into the market. Here are a few tips on how to protect your new brand:

1)     Renewal reminders

If you registered the brand yourself your renewal reminder will be sent to you 3 months before you trademark is due to expire so be sure to check the dedicated email address  on a regular basis. On the other hand, if your trademark was registered by a third party, this service may already be provided as part of their package. If you are unsure as to whether you are due to receive this service you should clarify this with them as it could lead to confusion further down the line.  It is a common misconception that once bought, a trademark will last indefinitely however, in the UK a trademark is only granted for ten years. After that period, if the company that owns the trademark is still active they are granted a six month grace period from the expiry date in which they can renew their trademark. During that time another company can legally apply for that trademark even if the original company are still using it. Therefore, in order to avoid disputes such as this it is a good idea to ensure you are kept up to date your trademark’s status.

2)     Keep your eyes peeled

A trademark gives you the right to use a brand in a specific marketplace. However this does not mean that others may not try to use your brand to boost their own profits. In some cases these companies are unaware of your presence in the market, however the use of another company’s trademarked brand is considered trademark infringement. To stay one step ahead of  potential infringers you should keep an eye on your chosen marketplace and on new trademark filings and seek legal advice if you feel that another company may be infringing on your trademark rights. Again, if you registered your trademark through a third party this may already be part of the service that they provide. However if you registered your trademark yourself, you may want to sign up to regular alerts from your local trademark authority. If you registered a UK trademark you can sign up for simple trademark alerts from the IPO here. This will flag any filings which directly conflict with your mark. It is worth investing in a more comprehensive watch service which will flag “sound alike” conflicting registrations and similar logo designs

3) Imagine that you launched your new product or service and then found that a similar or identical brand already has the trademark in that marketplace.

Businesses grow and develop over time and in the future you may decide to expand into different marketplaces and therefore the trademark that you have now may not cover the new areas.  At Lipex we can perform an initial search as well as a comprehensive search for you to clarify the availability of your chosen name in your chosen extended marketplace. Performing a quick search of the market and registering your trademark in the required classes before launching your new product could save you a considerable amount of time and money in the long term and is therefore definitely worth the extra bit of administration.

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