Trademark Enforcement could significantly reduce your advertising costs

How much does your firm spend annually on marketing and advertising? Have you ever considered that other companies may be using your trademark to boost their own success and in doing so driving your advertising costs through the roof?

The Avery Dennison Corporation discovered that their trademark was being infringed upon in this way. However, when they decided to enforce their trademark rights they did not realise the extent to which this act would impact their advertising costs.

Companies are able to purchase search ads through various online search engines such as Google (Google AdWords) and display their advert alongside the targeted search results.

According to MediaPost, Avery hired Chacka Marketing to take on its advertising campaign who discovered that unauthorized advertisers had been using the Avery Trademark to boost their own presence on the web. Each time a consumer searched the keyword “Avery”, the relevance of the competitor’s ads and their quality score would improve, which would in turn lead to a decrease in their advertising costs and an increase in Avery’s cost-per-click (CPC).

Avery sent cease-and-desist orders to the companies involved, demanding the removal of their paid search ads and were therefore able to save thousands of dollars on their online marketing campaign.

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