What is a trademark and what are the benefits of registering one?

A trademark is a distinctive sign which identifies certain goods or services as those produced or provided by a specific person or enterprise. Its origin dates back to ancient times, when craftsmen reproduced their signatures, or “marks” on their artistic or utilitarian products. Over the years these marks evolved into today’s system of trademark registration and protection. The system helps consumers identify and purchase a product or service because its nature and quality, indicated by its unique trademark, meets their needs. The Trademark registration system is now a globally recognised and legally enforceable.

Although trademarks are not generally the first thing that comes to mind when you decide to set up a new company there are many benefits to registering one.

 1)     Protection of your brand

A trademark gives the Brand owner legally enforceable rights to protect their brand name against a counterfeit good and third parties misusing their Brand name and logo to promote their own good or services. Furthermore, many people are unaware that Trademarks are enforceable against domain names and that they are also key in protecting the brand owner against potential online infringers.  A trademark gives your brand protection in the classes and countries that you have it registered in and stops others from registering similar marks that could be confused with your own, which is a very important for a company just entering the marketplace.

2)  Increased company value

Brands are one of the most valuable asset classes in the world and Trademarks are key to protecting all aspects of the IP and goodwill built up in the Brand. Furthermore, the presence of a trademark shows an investor that you have an established and protected brand that would make for a smooth merging or franchising process, therefore adding to your brand value.

3) Facilitates company expansion

Registering a trademark for your brand in one country gives you a solid foundation for future expansion, not only into other goods and services but also into the global marketplace. For example if you were to register a trademark in the UK, you would would already have a strong grounding to then apply for a trademark in the EU.

4) Protecting your brand in the digital world

Trademarks are increasingly important in the digital world as well as being used to protect brand names and logo designs on the high street. Even technological giants like Google and Facebook rely on their trademarks to protect their digital products, services and identities. Without their trademarks they would be extremely vulnerable and would not be able to maintain the market positions that they hold today.

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