How to choose the most effective font for your logo

As well as the words you choose to use in your logo, the style of font is also an important factor to consider. Your logo is the image that will represent your brand to the world therefore you need to make sure that it will convey the correct message before it is registered as a trademark.

What message are you trying to get across to your customers? Do you want to be seen as a serious, reliable, trustworthy firm, or would your product attract more happy-go-lucky consumers?

Serif fonts such as Times New Roman and Baskerville work extremely well for companies that want give off the impression of  being traditional, honest, trustworthy and reliable, for example banks, financial services and big corporations, (like Google).

Display fonts, on the other hand, like Cooper and Valencia give off a fun and friendly air. This type of font would work well for any company in the leisure industry, especially for family-orientated holiday companies, like Easyjet. However, it has also been successfully used in the  publishing, fuel and beverages industries.

Script font logos embody creativity and elegance and are therefore frequently used by fashion brands. The black colour of the Paul Smith logo adds to the luxury image conveyed by the font type.

Modern font logos help a company to be perceived as progressive and keeping up with the times. They are frequently used by technology and fashion companies amongst others.

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Original article: psychology-of-fonts-infographic