Louis Vuitton wins trademark case in India

Louis Vuitton recently won a lawsuit against, Indian counterfeit goods seller Guru Kripa.

The Indian company, based just north of Delhi has been told by the Delhi High Court that they must stop the production and sales of their goods which infringe upon the fashion label’s iconic trademarked designs including the Damier and the Toile Monogram amongst others.

According to The Fashion Law, Louis Vuitton is looking to claim damages for up to $215,000 from the Indian company for the infringement and loss of revenue caused by their actions.

The production and commercial ban has been put in place until the next hearing which is due to take place in October.

We will have to wait to hear the outcome of this case.

The Paris-based fashion giant currently appears to be on a roll in defending its trademarks as it also won a lawsuit in May of this year against a Taiwanese company, Yi Ze Tian International Co. Ltd, who had been selling counterfeit goods also emblazoned with the Louis Vuitton branding.

Trademark policing is one of the most important factors for a fashion company to take into consideration since their marketplace is constantly evolving and new copycat products are emerging all the time therefore fashion companies have to act fast in order to protect their trademarks.

Registering a trademark for every single new brand that is launched however, would be extremely costly and is therefore not recommended. Fashion companies tend to register trademarks only for their long term brands and rely on copyright protection or unregistered community design rights for more short term products.

A trademark is a worthwhile investment as it will protect your fashion brand and allow you to enforce your trademark rights over copycats and companies producing counterfeit goods who are consciously infringing on your mark. It is also recommended to file a trademark application before launching your product or services into the market to ensure that they are fully protected.

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