Burberry sues Burberry in trademark dispute

Burberry, the fashion brand, has recently sued Burberry Perry, a producer and Rapper in New York for infringing their trademark.

The rapper, whose real name is Perry Moise, used ‘Burberry’ as his stage name. According to Fashionista he also used the Burberry logo and checked print to on his first album without their consent.

Upon hearing of the infringement of their brand, Burberry sent cease-and-desist letters to the rapper however they received no reply. The fashion brand continued to try  contact Moise via  phone, letter and email but were unsuccessful in gaining a response.

Burberry is now claiming injunctive relief, meaning that Moise would be forced to discontinue his association with them by ceasing to use their name and branding.

The fashion giant secured their own Apple Music channel in 2015 and launched Burberry Acoustic in 2010, a music and art digital platform both of which they wanted to protect from Moise’s use of their brand name. Burberry feared that the rapper’s use of their brand would lead to confusion for consumers in the music marketplace and hence they chose to defend their brand.

Since the filing of the lawsuit, Moise has announced on Twitter that he has removed Burberry from his stage name and that he now wants to be known as The Good Perry (TG Perry).  

The best way to protect your company’s reputation, brand value and profits in today’s global marketplace is by registering a trademark and gaining trademark enforcement rights. However, just having the trademark is not enough. Like Burberry you would need to police your market for potential infringements and then be prepared to act on them when they do arise.

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