Christian Louboutin successful in fight against cosmetic counterfeits

The French fashion brand has recently been victorious in a lawsuit against counterfeiters who had been producing and selling fragrances branded with their name.

According to The Fashion Law, Louboutin filed a lawsuit against four Russian companies that they believed had infringed on their brand - InterPrestige Group, Image Parfum, InterLuxParfum and Klementina. After the court ruled in favour of the French brand, the Russian firms were ordered to cease the production and sales of their counterfeit goods and to pay damages of 24.3 million rubles ($368,000) to the affected party.

Although the Russian companies attempted to appeal this decision at the Russian Commercial Court of Appeals, stating that their products and trademarks were sufficiently different from those of the high fashion brand, the court still ruled in favour of Louboutin.

Fashion companies have to be extremely reactive when protecting their brands since their marketplace is constantly evolving and new products are hitting the shelves every day. Copycat products generally emerge soon after the original launch and therefore fashion brands have to act fast in order to protect their trademarks.

According to the World IP Review, counterfeit goods and lookalike goods can rob the fashion industry of millions of dollars worth of profit each year if they are not eliminated from the market. Therefore trademark policing is one of the most important factors for a fashion company to take into consideration in order to hit its profit targets.

A trademark is a worthwhile investment as it will protect your brand and allow you to enforce your trademark rights over copycats and companies producing counterfeit goods who are consciously infringing on your mark. It is also recommended to file a trademark application before launching your product or services into the market to ensure that they are fully protected.

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