Subway to change their logo

New Subway logo

Sandwich chain Subway has recently decided to change the logo of their brand for the first time since 2001 in an attempt to boost their sales.

The new logo is more simplistic that the previous one, using only the colours green and yellow, giving the impression of a green, eco-friendly and playful company.  It will still make use of the arrows on the first and last letters of the name. The font has also changed from the original design, which was inspired by Helvetica Neue Black Condensed, a Sans Serif font that created the impression of an objective, stable company. The use of a display font for the new logo has given the company a more fun and friendly air.

Subway is also introducing a new symbol to their brand which consists of two arrows forming an ‘S’ in their traditional green and yellow.

According to Business Insider UK,  the introduction of their new logo follows the launch of Subway digital, a new technology department, and the addition of new premium items to their sandwich shop menu.

The first adverts with their new logo appeared on the NBC channel during the Olympics Opening Ceremony and the logo is due to be fully introduced by 2017.

Although many companies have successfully changed and adapted their logos, it should also be remembered that if you change your logo you will also need to file a new trademark application. It can be very easy to forget to do this but not doing so could result in significant financial and IP losses for your company  and will lead to the loss of your trademark protection.

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