How to promote your brand and influence others online

Many companies now have social media accounts to promote their brands and to encourage interaction with their client base so they can find out what their customers really want from their product.

More and more companies are also using social influencers to help them reach a wider audience and pay them to do so. Influencers can be celebrities like Kim Kardashian or people (or characters ) that have a lot of followers on social media.  According to the rules set out by the Federal Trade Commision, you have to disclose if you are paid to advertise a brand. Furthermore, it is the fault of the advertiser, not the influencer if the information portrayed in the advertisement is not correct.

Your ideal  influencer would need to already have a significant number of followers and a high search engine ranking. By taking a look at individual’s profiles on Facebook and Twitter you can also judge their social media influence, see what kind of content they are posting and decide whether they are the kind of person your brand would want to be associated with.

In order to have the most cost effective marketing strategy your company needs to choose influencers that have followers in your target market and that already share similar content. There is no point asking someone like Paris Hilton to act as an influencer if your products are gardening supplies because the overlap of the two target markets would be minimal. However, if you had a fashion brand or even a cosmetics brand then Miss Hilton would be a good choice.

Having chosen the influencers that you would like to work with, you then need to start engaging with them on social media to build a good rapport. By sharing each other’s content and promoting each other you will both benefit from the increased influence you will have on social media.  In order to maintain this relationship with your influencers you need to keep engaging with them on a regular basis. It can be difficult to remember to do this and so it may be an idea to create Twitter lists to keep track of your influencers. In this way you can organise the people you follow, pick out those whose tweets are most relevant to your business and who you want to maintain a good relationship with.

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