How to choose the best colour for your company logo

People associate different colours with different feelings which is why it is so important to choose the right colour for your company’s logo from the start. First of all you need to determine what image you would like to convey to your consumers about your company. Do you want to come across as Eco-friendly and close to nature or would your company suit a more playful, fun-loving consumer? All of this must be taken into consideration before you can determine the best colour for your company’s logo.

According Entrepreneur,  a survey conducted by Colourfast showed that 80% of customers believe that the colour of a brand has an impact on brand recognition and that 84.7% of customers choose to buy a product because of its colour.

So which colours are associated with which types of business?

The colour green is generally associated with nature, the environment and the earth.  Companies that have a green logo like Starbucks and Whole Foods do so to emphasize their eco-friendly business practices and products.

Multicolour logos like those of Google and ITV give the impression of positivity and playfulness. As you may notice, all three of these companies are digital companies whose ingenuity has been the key to their success.

Yellow represents playfulness hence it is used by companies like Snapchat and McDonalds when Ronald McDonald was a significant factor in their marketing campaign. However, this colour can also represent logic and would be perfect for a logistics company.

Red is the colour of passion, excitement, power and energy and therefore it is not surprising that companies like Red Bull and Toyota have chosen logos in this colour. A red logo would be ideal for any company in the vehicle, fashion or beverages industry.

Orange logos give an air of affordability and fun. Some companies that have orange logos are Easyjet the airline and  Nickelodeon the children’s television channel.

Blue logos give off the impression of an honest, trustworthy and reliable company. Hence this colour is used by many companies in the financial sector (e.g. Paypal) as well as by big corporations (like IBM).  


Black logos represent a company with a communal purpose or one who prides itself on providing classic luxury goods or services.  Chanel and the World Wildlife Fund have black logos.

Purple logos like those of Milka and Hallmark portray creativity and luxury. Logos of this colour would be perfect for fashion or confectionary brands.

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