How to register a series of trademarks

According to the Intellectual Property Office, a series of trademarks constitutes “a number of trade marks which resemble each other as to their material particulars and which differ only as to matters of a non-distinctive character not substantially affecting the identity of the trade mark”.

Why would you register a series mark and what are the benefits of doing so?

In the UK a company can apply for up to 6 marks in a series. Filing a number of trademarks for your goods or services provides your brand with a greater level of protection in the marketplace. Furthermore, when filing for a series mark you only need to submit one application and therefore only one set of paperwork, saving time and effort further down the line. However, it is not guaranteed that all of the marks within your proposed series will be accepted and therefore you would need to file a separate application for any rejected marks. Therefore if you are thinking about filing a series mark it is essential to know what can and what cannot be accepted.

In order to register a series trademark, all of the marks within the series must contain all of the same elements, the differences between the marks must be non-distinct only e.g. the colours of the marks can be different and most importantly the trademarks’ identities must not be affected by their differences.

Series of trademarks can also be granted for marks with cartoon characters, different fonts (as long as they are not fanciful), domain names with well known extensions and
traditional and simplified Chinese characters.

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